Six Erotic Novels By Or Written About Prostitutes

Erotic books and memoirs about the ladies of the night started to appear during the early 18th century. More often than not, the authors of these books use pseudonyms or pen names when writing their literary pieces.

One of the first texts that became in circulation was La Cauchoise, ou Mémoires d’une courtisane célèbre (or memoirs of a famous courtesan). The erotic theme that surrounds La Cauchoise was a common genre during the late 18th century. However, copies of novellas like La Cauchoise were stored away during those times to protect readers from their unscrupulous and sexually explicit content. These memoir novels are often about prostitutes, who are also the heroine of the story. The narrative usually involves titillating descriptions of the adventures of the heroine and her rise to fame from humble beginnings.

That said, most of these pseudo-memoirs are regarded as works of fiction, as there is no proof about the whereabouts of its authors nor evidences that will support such claim. Nonetheless, these books are entertaining to read and certainly sparked the interest of aspiring authors and avid readers. Here are six erotic novels by or written about prostitutes.

Six Erotic Novels By or Written About Prostitutes

  • Late Call by Emma Hart

Published in 2014, Emma Hart’s Late Call has a romantic setting. The heroine of the story, a high end prostitute, fell in love with a businessman in the most romantic place on Earth — Paris. However, their romance was put on hold. Years later, the heroine met this man, but as her client.

Late Call is more than the steamy, sexual encounters of the protagonist. It has a rich story that is unfolding page by page. The sex scenes were not put there just because the book is about a prostitute, but because it has a purpose and completes the narrative.

  • Memoirs of Josephine Mutzenbacher by Felix Salten

This memoir about a mythic prostitute was published in the early 1900s. It was written by Felix Salten or Siegmund Salzmann in real life. Interestingly, Salten was also the author of Bambi.

The setting of the story was in Austria, where Josephine became first acquainted with sex at the age of five. Though it may seem that Josephine Mutzenbacher is a fictional character, there are books that are based on Mutzenbacher’s character.

  • My Secret Life by “Walter”

My Secret Life is a memoir written by Walter about his sex escapades during the Victorian era. The book was originally published in secret, mainly due to its obscene content. That said, the memoir is not about sex on its entirety. Walter vividly described the racy life of a sex addict, which includes frequent visit to Victorian brothels.

Walter is honest in his intention, that is to narrate his sexual encounters. Although the narrative is not written by an escort nor totally about prostitutes, My Secret Life is a must-read book, especially if you want to know what happens inside a brothel during his time.

  • Choices by Galia Ryan

At first, readers might mix up Choices with the Fifty Shades of Grey series due to its dominance and submission theme. That said, Galia Ryan presents a different narrative to today’s BDSM. The book also gives a factual representation of what is happening today — making difficult life choices. In the story, the heroine, despite being successful in her career, was trapped in a financial black hole. For her to make ends meet, she worked as a prostitute.

  • Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl by Tracy Quan

For those who are looking for real life stories and encounters of a high end escort, this book is for you. The Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl gives a no holds-barred look at the life of a top escort. It is not really meant to be a literary masterpiece, but it still is entertaining and fun to read. Riveting and a page turner, really!

  • The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl by Belle de Jour

The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl is another memoir written by Dr. Brooke Magnanti or Belle de Jour. It is sort of her personal diary, as she recounts the everyday life of a former London call girl. Moreover, the book covers everything that a reader will look for in an escort’s memoir: wild clients, hotel room stories and steamy sexual encounters. These are all told in a funny and clever way. Without a doubt, Belle de Jour’s masterpiece is the ultimate escort novel.