Film & Television Books For Kids

Film & television books for kids is as varied as personalities of children. As a young girl, I would often look at the television and watch attentively to stories or whatever was playing. This is the time of no remote controls, hardly any flat screens and one fitting in your pocket was an unheard of thing. I would recreate all the good parts of my favourite shows and even movies were not spared from my daydreams. One day I would be Supergirl, other times I’d be a vampire slayer or if my older cousin wanted to play, I become the vampire/witch.

When school started, there I heard of plays and sets and production and all the trappings that were part of a continuing love for film and television. This is the time of gradual introduction to kiddie theatre workshops, excursions and performing arts youth programs. But for a young person trying to discover the other side of the screen, these would be the perfect film and television books for kids.

How To Make A Movie In 10 Easy Lessons

This book is divided into 10 lessons using their cellphone cameras or tablets with tips on filming and editing techniques for their very own films. This book will teach from pre-production basics, or start with events and simple point and shoot to lighting and camera angles, learning basic lingo behind the screen and many more.


Kids’ Guide To Moviemaking

This is a middle grade nonfiction activity book for children who love filmmaking, acting and being involved in the performing arts. This book will show them how to utilize what tools they need to make their own feature film. Children will have the opportunity to learn how to be a Movie Director on their own movie set with easy to understand guidelines and descriptions.

Digital Filmmaking for Kids for Dummies

As the name suggests, this book walks you through projects and teaches each stages of filmmaking from writing a script to sharing your finished product. Suitable for ages 7-16.

Movie Maker : The Ultimate Guide To Making Films

It says it has everything you need to create films on your cell phone or digital camera comes in a clapper box that actually works. Comes with a directors handbook and story board ideas, individual folders with a CD for sound effects, animation, tickets, stuff to make your movie making easier.   

The Filmmakers Handbook For The Digital Age

It is the film industry’s comprehensive translation guide, dictionary and phrase book to producing, shooting, directing, editing and distributing your masterpiece which includes the most current information on filmmaking in the digital age.

Getting your hands on these film & television books for kids can be hard. But, with these books, one will become more familiar with not only the language but also the inner workings of the film industry.