Global Veneers: Disinformation Rules on Social Media

Once upon a time, we all thought that the internet and the world wide web were great ideas and brilliant for humanity. Now, however, we are not so sure. Who would have thought that humanity would turn out to be too dumb to cope with all this information? Global veneers: Disinformation rules on social media, as folk pick and choose the bits they like. Truth has splintered like fairy floss and the resulting fake news is rotting the teeth of generations of Homo sapiens.

Calamitous Events Covered Up by Fake News

Dumb people elected themselves a really gross President in the US because they were sick of feeling inadequate in the presence of so-called elites. Now, we have a man totally unsuitable for the job making life and death decisions on a daily basis. 200 000 Americans have died from the coronavirus pandemic. The popularity of dental veneers reminds me of the consequences of style over substance and always getting what you think you want. The fact that you have rotting teeth needs to be dealt with, rather than just covered up with pretty plastic. Global veneers: Disinformation rules on social media like gossip always has avoided any grounding in truth.

The Battle Between Content Marketing & Truth

There is a battle going on between content marketing vs traditional editorial and we all know which side is winning. A big white smile and a bouffant hair style is promising big fat white lies. Folks are tuning into whichever narrative they prefer, and which fits their bill. Scientific facts are being left on the shelves, whilst customers take home whatever bunch of bullshit, they so desire. Global warming? Nah no thanks. Gender equality? Give me a break. Black lives matter? Since when! Global veneers are hiding the chasm, where science and truth disappeared, some time ago.

How about the Hollywood makeover where social media-friendly gloss defeats substance? It is all part of the new world order in 2020, where truth is a questionable commodity. We have all been told for too long, by those folks selling stuff, that we can have it all. Hell, we believe them and want it all now. Billions of people are gazing into their little phone sized mirrors and asking, “who is the fairest of them all?” All with the very real expectation that the answer will be themselves of course.