How to Design A Professional Presentation

Since school days we are plagued with subjects and professors that require us to make presentations. It became a necessity to learn how to design a professional presentation. These presentations would either be group undertakings or solo ones. It is a rare sight to have someone enjoy the entire process of creating a professional presentation. Perhaps bits of it would be done by one part of the creative team and the other by another one. There are books on how to design a professional presentation but because of technology, some of it would be outdated.

It is always a good idea to search for new and updated resources on subjects of your presentation. Not only for accuracy but also for a new angle technology wise. This will show that you are doing your due diligence to impart current developments in your field. There is no excuse for a poor presentation. Unless you are a sophomore. In high school. With no resources to speak of not even a library. 


But modern technology is now very accessible and user friendly. It can be manipulated in all sorts of ways that you can be comfortable presenting it. Here are some basic tips for a winning presentation:

  • Make it interesting. Why did you like this expertise in the first place? Make them see why you love your field.
  • Use simple words as much as you possibly can. Not everyone who is listening is as well versed as you are.
  • Use compelling covers that will perk up their attention
  • Be clear and concise with your ideas and fonts. A simple matter like the font you use can make the audience lose interest in your presentation. Use businesslike fonts. Save the frills for another day.
  • List 3 takeaways from your presentation. This is goal setting for your listeners. When you feel you are straying from your main topic, go back to your takeaway and regroup.
  • Make clear call-to-action endings for your presentation. Bring all the elements in and end with a simple, concise thought. 

Some skills you learn quickly. Others get better with practice. With these tips and your enthusiasm, making a great professional presentation will get easier, clearer and more insightful.