The Great Barrier Thief

The senate enquiry into the Coalition government’s $443.3 million grant to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation reveals some disturbing information. The fact that this organisation with just 6 employees have already spent some $800 000 on operational costs, has this observer wondering about possible renovations on director’s houses and other equally dodgy stuff. Are we seeing the Great Barrier Thief in action, right before our eyes? Pig’s snouts in troughs come to mind and the whole corrupt house of cards, when thinking about politicians and their pals. Ex PM Turnbull made this gigantic grant to this tiny group and they had not, even, requested it or tended for it.

Be Very Cynical About Our Politicians

The ALP has stated that it will attempt to claw back whatever money they can if they win office at the next election. Notoriously these claims by opposition parties are, rarely, if ever, met in reality when the next lot come to power. I think that we have a clear right to be very cynical when it comes to viewing our politicians and civil and corporate leaders in this country. The recent leadership spill in the Liberal Party was not about governing this country better, it was about the right wing of the Liberals trying to muscle in over the more moderate side of the party in parliament.

Securing Our Future or Their Own?

Securing our future is a common tag line for political parties seeking office. These chaps and the odd female are about securing their own futures, first and foremost. Getting to the top of the tree is not about anybody else but the glorious ego of the person climbing over the backs of those deposed or beaten. Humble locksmiths have more integrity, when it comes to securing our institutions, click here to see for yourself. The Great Barrier Thief cannot be stopped by normal means, it seems, as vested interests are stockpiling the nation’s wealth for themselves.

Is it a Fake NGO in this Space?

Fossil fuel champion and chairman of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, John Schubert, saw no conflict of interest in his vocation and the problems of climate change for the reef. The Great Barrier Reef Foundation has a number of mining and fossil fuel industry leaders on its board. One might question the validity of the organisation as an environmental and ecological saviour of the reef. Is it, rather, a fake NGO in this space?