Top five e-books for web design

So, you are thinking about getting a shiny new website for your business, huh? Where do you start and what do you do? Before hiring a web designer to build your website you need to get informed about best practice web development. Sure, it’s great to have an eye-catching site. But if it’s not fit for the purpose then you may as well throw it away and get a professional to build a new one.

To arm yourself with all the information you need we’ve compiled a list of the five top e-books you should read to get the most out of your website. They are in no particular order.

Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design covers the fundamentals of accessibility. What would happen if hospitals didn’t have ramps for wheelchairs? It’s the same with the web. The Internet was made to be accessible to all, regardless of disability. Shawn Henry has written a book that is everything you would expect from a usability expert. It’s straight forward, no nonsense and very practical.

The nature of coding was written by Daniel Shiffman (professor of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. This book focuses on the programming strategies and techniques behind computer simulations of natural systems using Processing. He takes a deep-dive into the world of coding. Read it and ask a few questions of your web developer to make sure he or she knows syntax from snickers.

Pixel Perfect Precision handbook was developed by a couple of London agency guys to give pixels the care and attention they deserve, to make sure they get the simple things right before moving onto the detail. You know what a pixel is, right? If not then you may need to read another blog. Because this one is not for you. It’s about maximising and minimising space on a web page so it lures the user into the content.

Design Your Imagination is a complete beginner’s guide to web design. This should probably be your first read. It’s simple, clear and concise. Almost every corner and curve of website design is covered and there are heaps of examples to leverage your knowledge. This is a Free Web Design e-book By WebGuru India.

And finally, HTML for Beginners – Ultimate Guide covers the basics of HTML. It was designed for the absolute beginner. You! Get it, Read it. Consume it.

So, there you have it. The top five e-books for web design. Study them. Learn from the experience of others and you will avoid the pitfalls of poor website design.

Great Writers Who Really Cooked in Their Kitchens

Great writers inspire through their written works. They feed the imagination and quench the thirst of insatiable curiosity. I say to my daughter and son, you can travel to other places when you open a book. You can not only view alternative worlds, but see them through the eyes of other people. All this journeying and transmutation can engender an appetite for some serious sustenance, however. Who were the great writers who really cooked in their kitchens? Now, writing is more traditionally linked with a different kind of consumption – one that had the bearer bringing up blood.

Great Writers Who Really Cooked in Their Kitchens

TB was far more prevalent among poets than recipes for steak and kidney pie. The starving artist in his or her wretched garret, surviving on desperate dreams of one day achieving some sort of recognition. There are writers who bucked this mould, of course. Think of Ernest Hemingway, a great big boasting man full of verve and whisky. One does not picture Hemingway dining on anything less than excess. Hemingway in Havana hoeing into vast medallions of meat. Hemingway hunting for his supper with gun and rod in hand. Was he a dab hand in the kitchen too? Or, was this too challenging to his manifest machismo?

Closer to home Elizabeth Jolley was an insightful recorder of life in Perth, Western Australia in the second half of the twentieth century. I know that she was, also, a great appreciator of good food and good company. With titles like Milk and Honey and The Sugar Mother, is it any wonder that she could cook with the best of them. Her themes involved dinner parties and the ritualistic nature of human dining. Spacious kitchens in a wide-open city like Perth, reflect the places concern with nature and its dilemma with trying to control it. For spacious kitchen tips you can also check on this kitchen website for further details. A city on the edge of a vast land and the expanse of the Indian ocean.

George Orwell, when he wasn’t Down and Out in Paris and London, enjoyed a modest repast and a good cup of tea. Famous for his appreciation of Plum Pudding, as Britain’s one great culinary peak, George was famously thin and undernourished looking. His diet was rich in fags and not much else, but he wrote about how he liked his cup of tea prepared, just so. Some accused him of pedantic tendencies in this regard, but this great writer knew which side his muffin was best buttered on.


Six Erotic Novels By Or Written About Prostitutes

Erotic books and memoirs about the ladies of the night started to appear during the early 18th century. More often than not, the authors of these books use pseudonyms or pen names when writing their literary pieces.

One of the first texts that became in circulation was La Cauchoise, ou Mémoires d’une courtisane célèbre (or memoirs of a famous courtesan). The erotic theme that surrounds La Cauchoise was a common genre during the late 18th century. However, copies of novellas like La Cauchoise were stored away during those times to protect readers from their unscrupulous and sexually explicit content. These memoir novels are often about prostitutes, who are also the heroine of the story. The narrative usually involves titillating descriptions of the adventures of the heroine and her rise to fame from humble beginnings.

That said, most of these pseudo-memoirs are regarded as works of fiction, as there is no proof about the whereabouts of its authors nor evidences that will support such claim. Nonetheless, these books are entertaining to read and certainly sparked the interest of aspiring authors and avid readers. Here are six erotic novels by or written about prostitutes.

Six Erotic Novels By or Written About Prostitutes

  • Late Call by Emma Hart

Published in 2014, Emma Hart’s Late Call has a romantic setting. The heroine of the story, a high end prostitute, fell in love with a businessman in the most romantic place on Earth — Paris. However, their romance was put on hold. Years later, the heroine met this man, but as her client.

Late Call is more than the steamy, sexual encounters of the protagonist. It has a rich story that is unfolding page by page. The sex scenes were not put there just because the book is about a prostitute, but because it has a purpose and completes the narrative.

  • Memoirs of Josephine Mutzenbacher by Felix Salten

This memoir about a mythic prostitute was published in the early 1900s. It was written by Felix Salten or Siegmund Salzmann in real life. Interestingly, Salten was also the author of Bambi.

The setting of the story was in Austria, where Josephine became first acquainted with sex at the age of five. Though it may seem that Josephine Mutzenbacher is a fictional character, there are books that are based on Mutzenbacher’s character.

  • My Secret Life by “Walter”

My Secret Life is a memoir written by Walter about his sex escapades during the Victorian era. The book was originally published in secret, mainly due to its obscene content. That said, the memoir is not about sex on its entirety. Walter vividly described the racy life of a sex addict, which includes frequent visit to Victorian brothels.

Walter is honest in his intention, that is to narrate his sexual encounters. Although the narrative is not written by an escort nor totally about prostitutes, My Secret Life is a must-read book, especially if you want to know what happens inside a brothel during his time.

  • Choices by Galia Ryan

At first, readers might mix up Choices with the Fifty Shades of Grey series due to its dominance and submission theme. That said, Galia Ryan presents a different narrative to today’s BDSM. The book also gives a factual representation of what is happening today — making difficult life choices. In the story, the heroine, despite being successful in her career, was trapped in a financial black hole. For her to make ends meet, she worked as a prostitute.

  • Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl by Tracy Quan

For those who are looking for real life stories and encounters of a high end escort, this book is for you. The Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl gives a no holds-barred look at the life of a top escort. It is not really meant to be a literary masterpiece, but it still is entertaining and fun to read. Riveting and a page turner, really!

  • The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl by Belle de Jour

The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl is another memoir written by Dr. Brooke Magnanti or Belle de Jour. It is sort of her personal diary, as she recounts the everyday life of a former London call girl. Moreover, the book covers everything that a reader will look for in an escort’s memoir: wild clients, hotel room stories and steamy sexual encounters. These are all told in a funny and clever way. Without a doubt, Belle de Jour’s masterpiece is the ultimate escort novel.

Five Fabulous Books About Horse Racing

Becoming a good horse rider or a punter betting on the horses does not happen in just a snap of a finger. It is an ongoing learning process where a lot of experiences are needed for you to be actually good at it. For instance, some of today’s successful horse riders started gaining an understanding of this field as early as five or six years old. There are also who kicked off (no pun intended) their career handicapping horses as a means of recreational activity. After realizing that there’s good money in it, they took it more seriously.

Reading books on horse racing, betting tactics or handicapping is a good way to set things moving. Applying what you read will help pick up your handicapping, or filling up your betting ledger. Here are some horse racing books that we believe will make you a headway in this career:

  1. Betting on Horse Racing for Dummies by Richard Eng

This book is a part of a wide collection of books for dummies. As a newbie, it will introduce you to the entrancing world of horse racing. In addition, Betting on Horse Racing for Dummies will guide its readers on how to enjoy the sport and make astute wagers.

Moreover, the book elucidates what goes on at the track, how to choose horses or jockeys, and how to make a bet, among other things.

  1. The Masters of Manton by Paul Mathieu

The Masters of Manton is about the four race horse trainers and the famed Manton Yard. As with any real-life gambling experience, everything came into being through gambling. Readers need not to be burning with curiosity in horse racing for them to enjoy or even read the book. If you fantasize about having that big win, this book is for you.

  1. Longshot by Dick Francis

The Longshot is among the best body of work by Dick Francis. Some regard this book as the “High King of Horse Racing Mysteries.” If you’re up for a night of enigma, we highly recommend Longshot.

  1. Win, Place and Show by Betsy Berns

Win, Place and Show will acquaint readers to the joys and sensation in thoroughbred racing. This book is meant for sharing, especially with family members who don’t quite comprehend your passion and enthusiasm in the sport.

  1. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Betting on Horses by Sharon Smith

This book is different in many ways to Richard Eng’s Betting on Horse Racing for Dummies. Smith started off with the history and the ins and outs of the sport, rather than the actual betting part. Nonetheless, the book imbues a good feel about the game.

Taking Technical Manuals Online: Procedure Management


Technical Books OnlineWill technical paper-based books eventually be a thing of the past? Are the technical online manuals taking over?

Since the digital revolution, the number of people who are reading printed books have declined. Gone are the days when people were entirely dependent on handbooks and paper manuals. As digital books become more popular, buying hard copy books to learn about technical things, whether digital or even engineering tasks, is falling away. In fact, the technical manual sections of bookshops are shrinking, all because of its high-tech alternative – the technical online manuals.

Nowadays learning about new softwares, programs, or education in general, is leaning heavily towards an online experience. Almost everything and anything can now be downloaded, customised and updated for free or at a minimal price.

A lot of technical manuals issued on paper in booklet form have been transformed into an online technical data – a virtual jungle of printed technical manuals that are easy to navigate and are readily accessible from any internet-connected device, including tablets and smart phones.

Physical, paper-based technical books can be costly and heavy, and they easily become outdated and tattered whereas technical online manuals or materials are there to stay… in the digital realm that is.

Technical online manuals offer attractive benefits as it provides a more current content which are created and developed by experts. An open educational resource if you will, which is perceived to be a highly valuable source of information. Whether it’s design materials for learning, procedure management processes, or online documentation tools, finding what you’re looking for can simply be done with just a click of a button so, everything is a lot easier and more convenient. 

These days, learning online comes naturally. Digital will continue to grow and exist as we’ve seen it, because it is becoming part of the world we live in. Technical paper-based books could very well be a thing of the past, but who knows?


Spiritual, Metaphysical & New Age Books Remain Strong Sellers

Those who want to get close to their spiritual side often go into literature to help deepen their love and appreciation to it. It is good to hear that spiritual, metaphysical as well as new age books remain strong sellers in the present giving its readers a wide variety of options to choose from when looking for a particular book to sink their teeth into. Let us consider some of the examples below.

People will not be finding any shortage of books that revolve around the topic of spiritual, metaphysical & new age. In fact, a simple look up of most influential spiritual books found today will yield a great number of results. Indeed, the internet has made it much easier to find book recommendations about a variety of topics.

Book enthusiasts and fellow readers alike often compile a list of spiritual books that blew their mind. Here newcomers will be able to discover hidden gems such as the Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Finding Freedom by Jarvis Jay Masters, A Gradual Awakening by Stephen Levine and the likes. If you want to go mainstream who can forget The Secret? There have been many amazing spiritual authors over the years such as Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde and Eckhart Tolle and these authors have been feature as one of the most spiritual books of all time.

For those who are not very keen on the religious aspect but wishes to delve deeper on the spiritual side of things, there are several recommended spiritual seeker books that does not touch on the religious aspects. As such, these book recommendations become quite accessible and just about anyone will be able to read and find enjoyment with it.

It is good to hear that these types of books have become very much open and available to a huge number of individuals in the present. Looking for popular spiritual books online will lead you to several online digital stores today. Online users can choose to purchase and download a digital copy of spiritual books they can read on their computers, tablets and other gadgets and devices. Another option available is that they can also choose to order a physical copy for themselves and have them sent through mail. These stores often provide free shipment and delivery with their items making them quite convenient especially since customers are able to save a great deal of time and resources in the process.

Regardless of the type of copies you wish to order, you will definitely enjoy the time you spent with reading these books. Furthermore, you can also setup you own recommendations as well that you can choose to share to people who share the same interests and likes. Another thing to note is that is also a good idea to look for clairvoyant authors and follow their works closely as they often publish quite a number of their works over the internet for people to enjoy.

Audio Books: A Literary Career for the Silken-Voiced

Audio books are a wonderful invention; especially for the visually impaired. Although, you do not have to be blind to enjoy the sound of a well-spoken voice. Storytelling is one of the great arts of humanity. The ability to be able to tell an engrossing story is one of the things that separates human beings from all other animals. The narrative is our favourite way of learning things and coming to understand the world. Just think of the Bible and all those parables that Jesus Christ was sharing with his disciples. Do you really think that the Bible would be as popular if it was a dry manual listing the most efficient way to live a life?

Audio Books: A Literary Career for the Silken-Voiced

Audio books do provide a literary career for the silken voiced amongst us. The dulcet tones of an actor or actress enthusiastically narrating a particularly well-written story is one of the rich pleasures of life. It is not only actors who are employed to narrate audio books, there are others who are just great lecturers or speakers, but in the main a good actor invariably gets the job done best. A known name, as in a famous actor, can also generate added sales to an audio book, because people love to listen to their voices. Recognition is an important factor when choosing a book of any type, but particularly when selecting an audio book.

In one infamous instance that I am familiar with, a highly regarded audio book voice-over specialist began her working life as a phone sex operator for the Girls of Oz. Not a bad apprenticeship, when you come to think about it, both roles require an immersion in character and an ability to communicate genuinely with your audience. Although, some say that a man with his dick in his hand would come to the sound of a quacking duck. Rather than stroking egos, it is a question of stroking something else, and not so much about turning pages. The breathy rendition would work well in the former profession, but our well trained thespian knows not to labour the point. Shakespeare began life as an actor, before making his mark as a playwright, and he knew the importance of a good voice. Audio books: A literary career for the silken voiced and a fairly well paying one too, I would imagine. I see in my mind’s eye the memory of myself as a child with eyes closed and listening to my older brother reading aloud to me JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit; it is a special memory.

Ten Fantastic Books About Furniture

Books help provide people the much needed supplementary information about a particular subject. Furniture is considered to be a very broad, diverse as well as an expansive subject to tackle such as entertainment units. As a result, many homeowners feel that they need to research in advance before they decide to purchase one for their own. Let us consider ten fantastic books about furniture you can own today.

  1. Spruce: A Step-by-Step Guide to Upholstery and Design

Upholstery plays a very important role in providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers. From time to time, furniture gets damaged and this book can help customize your home with fabrics and textures teaching you all you need to know on how to reupholster any piece of furniture.

  1. Furniture: World Styles from Classical to Contemporary

Showcasing more than 3,000 years of design, this book delves into the rich history of furniture ranging from primitive pieces to elegant modernity giving homeowners tons of ideas on what type of furniture is able to cater to their preference and tastes.

  1. Mid-Century Modern: Interiors, Furniture, Design Details (Conran Octopus Interiors)

As its name implies, this book not only talks about furniture but also with interior design details from walls, flooring, surfaces, lighting, and, of course, furniture. This is perfect for those who want to find balance with the overall design that they are trying to achieve to their homes.

  1. Interior Design: A True Beginners Guide to Decorating On a Budget

Another interior design book, however this one focuses on newcomers who want to start decorating their homes but are on a budget. Readers will find living room decorating, do it yourself projects and the likes that are provided in a concise yet clear manner.

  1. Cabinets of Wonder

With a keen focus on cabinets, this book offers historical overview as well as contemporary interior design look that is extravagantly illustrated with bright and colorful pictures.

  1. Made by Hand: Furniture Projects from the Unplugged Woodshop

Readers can learn the concept of hand-tool woodworking and how to use the tools effectively and efficiently as well as joinery skills and design complexity as they aim to create practical furniture at home.

  1. Guerilla Furniture Design: How to Build Lean, Modern Furniture with Salvaged Materials

Those who are on a tighter budget can take advantage of this book which teaches its readers how to build stylish and functional furniture from salvaged materials.

  1. How to Make Outdoor & Garden Furniture

Another How-to/DIY feature, this book focuses on the creation of outdoor & garden furniture presented with step-by-step photographs and excellent working drawings help ensure success.

  1. The Furniture Bible

This is an essential book for furniture owners which talks about how to do maintenance as well as restoration to your furniture.

  1. Furniture Makeovers

Those who want to preserve or breathe new life to their old furniture are able to do just that with this book making it possible to transform tired furniture into stunning showpieces.

How To Write In A Corporate Style For Twitter

Twitter is somewhat like a madcap town square where everyone is shouting to be heard, with such a short space to write an informative message, most tweets on the site are informal and brash. However, it’s a great way to put information across to your customers, but how does a business or a larger corporation, manage to put across a clear message without compromising their professional stance?

Christine Buhay writes about some top level corporations which are doing pretty powerful stuff in the Twitterverse – with just 140 characters or less.


Twitter Profile BoeingBoeing, the world’s largest aerospace company and defense contractor in the world have more than 300,000 followers. They provide their followers the latest innovation in aerospace engineering and are committed on flying towards a cleaner future. The company’s latest projects and documentary series are also featured on their Twitter account which is brilliant for their brand.

Twitter Profile ToyotaTOYOTA

Top selling brand and leading Japanese automotive company Toyota have around 587,000 followers to date. Toyota often posts stylish photos and videos of their good-looking vehicles at motor shows or race tracks. This kind of approach works  very well for them as it sparks consumer’s interest and attracts their target audience’s attention. These kinds of posts almost always generate hundreds of likes and positive feedbacks.


Twitter Profile ACM GroupThe debt management specialists ACM Group, keep it very simple as providing general information about their business, but also retweeting from powerhouses like Entrepreneur and The Economist with sound financial advice for individuals.


intelWith 4.5 million followers, there’s no denying how global tech innovator Intel built a successful Twitter profile. Intel has an interesting Twitter feed which showcases their new products, latest projects and of course, informative IT data which has given them unbelievable numbers.


Twitter Profile HubspotMarketing software firm Hubspot has an impressive following of more than 680,000.  Hubspot takes a pretty clever approach to advertising sales and digital marketing by producing a lot of content and then featuring them on their Twitter feed.  There’s no question their followers perceive them as a valuable source of information.

General Electric TwitterGENERAL ELECTRIC

Rather than pushing out sales pitches, technology and innovation are what General Electric, mostly tweets about, which makes it genuinely interesting for its 400,000 followers.  Surely, it’s one of the impressive Twitter profiles out there, but what’s more notable is that General Electric is very good when it comes to communicating and engaging with its fans.  No wonder their number of followers is increasing steadily.


Adobe TwitterComputer software company Adobe has more than 450,000 followers at present.  Its Twitter feed is focused on the latest company and product news, plus tweets on a broad range of content – from blog posts to upcoming events. Fans like Adobe’s Twitter profile because of the valuable interaction they get from this amazing brand.

Erotic Literature Devalued by Lack of Confidentiality

It is an unfortunate fact of life that people like to put their heroes on pedestals and later shoot them down. Many of us fall in love and place our objects of affection up above ourselves, until they fall short of our expectations and then we lop off their legs to cut them down to size. In Australia, we have something called the Tall Poppy syndrome, where anyone in this society who is raised above others is eventually pulled down and crapped on. Erotic literature is often devalued by a lack of confidentiality; but the public lap it up like a dog does his own sick.

The ‘tell all’ story by a vixen, or a victim, in the Sunday papers is keenly read by the punters; especially by women. They love to get all the sordid and dirty details deep inside their heads. Flagrant disregard for standards of proprietary behaviour, the liberating libido of the slut revealed, and the besmirched golden boy betraying his wife and family. Tasty titbits served up, with coffee and breakfast, courtesy of the gutter press. Nothing sells newspapers better except a juicy murder or a kiddie fiddler exposed; although that has become rather commonplace of late.

Erotic Literature Devalued by Lack of Confidentiality

Does the high class escort have a code of confidentiality that he or she should keep? Is it part of the high wack they charge for their services? Is the lonely, or simple sleazy, celebrity actor or sportsperson justified in thinking that their identity will be safe in the hands of their call girl? Obviously not, if the current brouhaha about stories sold to newspapers and marriages wrecked is to be believed. Erotic literature devalued by lack of confidentiality, but like sugar lapped up by the madding crowd. They love it for a brief moment, for as long as it takes to share it with hubby or girlfriend.

Erotic literature devalued by lack of confidentiality; it sure is. Selling your secrets to the press if you are a high paid call girl or escort, damages business for all your colleagues. You may have pocketed a few thousand quid, but the next randy celebrity might settle for self-relief, rather than risk his reputation with the lips that have sucked his dick. That mouth and tongue may turn feral and spill more than beans to the media whores. There is more than one kind of prostitute in this nefarious world we live in. It is a far far better thing I do…


How to Write an Article – And Get It Read

When you are thinking about how to write an article, keeping some tips in mind will bring you closer to success. After all, you do not want to only write the article, you also want it to get read.

Ask Yourself, “How Familiar You Are with the Subject?”

how to write an articleThe more you know about a subject, the easier it will be to write about it. The less time you will need to research it means more time actually writing. Secondly–and equally important–is how well-received your article will be by prospective readers. Even if you are quite knowledgeable and passionate about something, it does not mean everyone shares your interests. If you choose a popular topic, more people will want to read it. Do not worry that there may be too much material about it already.  If your topic is a popular one, you can gain readers.

What’s Your Angle?

There may be dozens of articles on a particular topic, but none quite like the one you can write. Whether it is an informative article or a product review, its perspective and the way you present it should be completely your own. Giving it your personal voice is the key to making it different from all of the other articles on the same topic.

Accuracy Counts!

Whether this is your very first article or the most recent of many, accuracy counts. While great articles do not have to appear like a college English composition, there should be no room for error. All it takes is a couple of spelling errors to turn a potentially great article into a disaster. Fortunately, a few tips can help you avoid this problem. First, have a dictionary on hand. You can use an online dictionary, if you prefer.  Getting into the habit of checking unfamiliar words, or words with unusual spellings, can prevent unnecessary mistakes. Second, using both your spell-check feature and your own proofreading will bring errors to your attention so they can be repaired. Regardless of the article you plan to write, taking these steps each and every time will help you to complete material that is free from errors. Third, never forget to research. Learning more about a topic, and fine-tuning what you already know, can make a good article even better.

Driving Traffic to Your Articles

Knowing how to write an article will only be a success if you acquire readers. This step is where many excellent writers go from writing a wonderful article to despair. One way to get good results is to consider your prospective audience. If your article is on a particular topic, you can put a little time in researching the places this topic often appears. You may find websites devoted to the subject, where you can submit your material. Another idea is to begin a blog. The more places there are linked to your blog, the better your chance are of attracting readers. Another method would be to check the numerous article directories where your article can be submitted.


Search engine optimization also attracts readers. Using keywords in the title and throughout the article can help it to appear in the search engines. When people look for material on specific topics, they may find yours. It can be useful to do some research on SEO, and how to increase your chances for a top ranking article.

Writing an article is at its best when you enjoy what you are doing. These tips are important, but they do not need to distract you from enjoying the process.  Writing, and getting it read, can be a fulfilling experience.